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As well as being a graduate graphic designer at Golley’s, I have been spending the past year working towards my MA in Graphic Communications. It’s been particularly busy over the last few months as I’ve been relentlessly working on my final

As our name would suggest were always a bit bias in looking at Alice in Wonderland styled design. This particular really stood and has such a clean and subtle design style. Really nice to see and appreciate a good design when its

It can be so hard to create a design for any kind of platform. this little video really makes u think of how the music will influence the designer and come up with the design from that blank canvas.   makes me want

When designing its easy to create and produce work with music on in the background. so I've decided to start posting up and show what I've listened to whilst I work, so you can get a little bit of info about

so it been over 12 months since I've had an exhibition. over the last year, I've been studying a master in graphic design and now have another exhibition. if you are in Cardiff and have a spare 5 minutes then pop down.   Revolution