Alice Artwork

Hello and welcome to the new 2018 aliceartwork site.
So we know it always takes so long to re-design and work and do everything else but we thought it was about time to look at the website and see what else we could add to it.

Over the last year we’ve had a huge change within the business and it has been wicked we’ve started our own store with actual items that are available to sale. on the new site you can see the store has been added in and you are more welcome to take a look through and order some of the new items.

We’ve developed a few new skills to to able to create the new products. From sign writing to gold gilding as well as developing our skills within illustration and creating some screen printing.

we would love to hear any feedback on the new site and what you guys think?
It’s a labour of love and can only grow and develop even more over time.



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