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As well as being a graduate graphic designer at Golley’s, I have been spending the past year working towards my MA in Graphic Communications.

It’s been particularly busy over the last few months as I’ve been relentlessly working on my final project but it was all worthwhile when I finally saw it on the wall at the Atrium in Cardiff. My final project even got the whole of Golley’s advertising and PR teams to down tools at lunchtime to see for themselves what I’d been working on.

For my final project, the overall brief was open. I could do whatever I wanted, this initially sounded great but at the same time it’s a designer’s nightmare, where do you start?

After thinking about the various topics – those that I can relate to and those I knew nothing about – I couldn’t help but being drawn back to how we communicate and connect with one another.

With the majority of us now opting to communicate digitally and interacting less face-to-face, I decided to look into this in more depth – particularly looking at how we connect and how many connections we make daily.

I soon realised that although we make hundreds of connections a day through liking, sharing, re-tweeting and clicking ‘favourite’- these connections seem passive, it seems that we’re becoming more disconnected.

My nan never had a phone line in her farm and the only connections she made were through going to church – a stronger connection arguably, than the hundreds of connections we make daily on social media.

I began my research by looking at the number of connections one person makes within one day. I later conducted additional surveys where I had over 100 replies – allowing me to calculate the average number of connections that one person makes within one day.

Applying this across the whole world I was able to consider how many of us all connect in the same way again and again. After looking at these results, I wanted to see how this could relate to something like “making a cup of tea” instead of sending 2 million tweets.

It led me to think, are we confusing connections with communication? Does a Facebook ‘like’ really warrant the title of ‘communication’?

My work, overall, was designed to focus around how we now communicate and to initiate discussions around connections. The 3m by 1m piece includes a number of facts and figures which I uncovered through my research and I’m proud to say that I’ve just been awarded my MA with Merit and will graduate in mid December.

Alice Hawthorne,
Graduate graphic designer

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This article was written for golley slater cardiff

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